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Well, here I go… attempting to Blog! Bare with me.. I am not a writer.. lol But I thought what better way to get to know me, my style and my hope for my business better…. maybe?…

Honestly, I have been a photographer for over 12 years… and I still don’t always feel like I know what I am doing. I’m pretty sure all business owners feel that way at some point… except maybe the Tesla guy… lol Anyway, the goal for me with a BLOG is to help you get to know me and how I work. You are trusting me with the most precious thing in your life… your brand new baby! So you should know who is handling your sweet little human, right!?!

Although this entry isn’t all about me, ( I have to find a way to talk about myself…. it’s the hardest thing ever!! lol) I thought I would start with something a bit easier to chat about… MY NEW STUDIO!! Keep reading on and to see photos of my portrait studio here in beautiful Prince George, BC.

I am so so so so excited about my new Photography studio space in Prince George! First a quick back story…

It has been a dream to have my own little space for a looooooong time! I had spent many years in a downtown studio. This space was shared by a few other like minded photographers. It was super great at the beginning, I was still a very new photographer and truly didn’t know what to expect. I am forever grateful to those that started the space and allowed me into it. I met some great friends and learned a lot! As the years went by, people left, more people came…. Other types of businesses joined, (shared small business spaces are so awesome for small businesses trying to start up, by the way… totally look into this is you are starting out!)

But it just became not what I needed anymore. I craved my own space. I looked around at other places… gah the rent is crazy in Prince George… and as my family was in the middle of renovating and trying to flip our house… I just couldn’t find anything affordable that also didn’t need a lot of renos! Of course, our house reno took waaaay longer than was planned… and for a couple years I ended up shooting out of my living room! Yup.. I would move all our furniture around for each shoot, every time! It was not ideal… and I felt like an imposter photographer… but it worked. I am so thankful for the clients that visited me and still trusted me to capture their sweet memories… and some still come back to me ! lol Seriously, THANK YOU!

Fall 2021, we finally sold our little reno project and found our dream home up on the Hart Hwy! My husband got his big man cave (aka-Garage/Shop) and there was even a little garage attached to the house that I new would be awesome to turn into a studio! The first month in the house, even before most of our boxes were unpacked… it was studio reno time! lol I’m so thankful for my Husband Eric, and all the work he has put into helping me with this studio! He has and is, my biggest cheerleader and supporter! I could not accomplish this without him! A few weeks of cleaning, painting, organizing and re organizing ( I still want to re organize again… and my husband is rolling his eyes as he reads this) … and my Photography studio is good to go!!!

It’s a little space.. approx 260sqft… but it’s so cozy and allows me to capture what I love the most… beautiful Babies and their family! Now that I have a few shoots in the studio, there are a few more things I want to reno and add… but I’m figuring it out! I am proud of this space & has been truly amazing to see it come to life!! I hope the clients that have visited have enjoyed their time in my studio (so far, everyone has given me great feedback) And I hope to welcome many more of you!

I’ll stop chattering on now… take a look into the studio below!

When you first walk in, there is a nice little client seating area! I provide coffee, cappuccino, light snacks and even have a mini fridge with cold water bottles and apple juice. ( The studio is hot when shooting babies, so cold water is a must!)

Thank you for visiting my first blog post.. I hope you enjoyed just a little sneak peak into my Prince George Photography Studio! I hope to welcome you into it soon!


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