Why you should consider a professional Maternity Photography Session

Maternity Photography in Prince George, BC.

There are so many things to think about, plan for and purchase when you are getting ready for baby. I’m biased, sure, but as a photographer, I think you should consider adding a Maternity Photography session to that list.  Maternity photos are a beautiful way to capture the special moments of your pregnancy. Hiring a professional photographer to take your maternity photos, will help you capture these memories in stunning quality, providing you with cherished photos that will last a lifetime.

As a professional maternity photographer, I’m regularly welcoming pregnant ladies and their family into my studio, located on the Hart Hwy in Prince George.  I have a cozy studio, full of everything needed to create amazing images featuring you and your bump!

Choosing to have your maternity photos professionally taken, allows for creative freedom and offers the best lighting and angles to reflect the beauty of your pregnancy. A professional photographer specializes in the art of capturing these moments in time, ensuring that you look your best. It also gives you the opportunity to get creative with poses, outfits and props that represent this special moment perfectly. Whether you prefer a sweet and simple approach or something more dramatic and glamorous, a professional photographer will be able to capture your maternity photo session in the most beautiful way possible.

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity To Capture Maternity Portraits

I believe that a big regret for many mothers is that they did not have quality photos taken of themselves during pregnancy. Yep, that includes me when I was expecting my first baby. I made sure to get photos with my second pregnancy and I am so so glad I did!  While most mothers probably have a few snapshots of themselves with a baby bump, a professional maternity photoshoot offers a completely different experience.  I will ensure that you look and feel so amazing in the photos that you’ll be proud to show them off, rather than hide them away!

If you like the photos I’m sharing in this blog, or in my Portfolio, then I’m certain that you’ll love having a Maternity Photography session with us.


I think pregnancy is amazing… the strength a woman has to have, to grow a whole new actual tiny human….. Amazing! There is a reason it’s called a miracle. Our bodies grow and change so much while pregnant. I know first hand that some days it can feel heavy and you may not love your new changing body as it grows bigger and bigger, but I also think a woman is her most beautiful when pregnant! I love having my team glam up an expecting mom for her special photo moment. When better a time to be pampered a little, than when your pregnant!? You deserve it. I want you to feel beautiful, and create a truly memorable experience ay your Maternity Photography Session.

Getting dressed up for maternity photos is an exciting part of the experience! It’s a chance to be creative and express yourself in ways that aren’t available with every day outfits. Whether it’s something comfortable or something more dramatic, professional maternity photographers know how to make sure you look your best when taking pictures! At Rayven Jade Photography, I have many, many pregnancy gowns in my studio that are available for you to use and I also love using creative fabric draping techniques, to create unique looks. You can also spice things up by having your partner join the shoot – they can dress up too! With expertise in lighting, composition, and posing, I will create stunning images that will remind you forever, just how beautiful your were during this season of your life.

A maternity photography session isn’t just about the expectant mom and dad. If you have other children, let them be part of the fun. They may be excited or struggling with the idea of a new addition to the family. During a maternity session, I like to make older siblings feel special, have the focus be on them for a few moments. I also encourage them to interact with the baby.


Your pregnancy is an amazing journey, and a short season of you life… capture the experience. Professional maternity photography services provide a great way to celebrate this incredible experience and create lifelong memories that can be cherished forever! When the memories start to fade, your photographs will be their forever to remind you of it all.


If you would like more information about scheduling your own Maternity Photography session, please contact Rayven, via email at rayvenjadephoto@gmail.com or by phone, (205) 617-9672. Rayven Jade Photography studio is located in Prince George, BC.



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